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How To Make The Perfect Long Black Coffee?

Two ingredients are required to make an excellent long black, but it is all about the details.
Make The Perfect Long Black Coffee

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Long black coffee is an espresso-based coffee popular in mostly Australian cafes. Hot water is mixed with espresso, ristretto, or hot water to make a strong, flavorful coffee that can be enjoyed longer than traditional espresso shots. These coffees are made without milk and taste similar to an Americano. The long black is a favorite of those who love black coffee.

As American tourists began to ask for “black coffee” in cafes around the globe, long blacks were popularized.

How to make delicious long black coffee

Two ingredients are required to make an excellent long black, but it is all about the details. The first ingredient is a cup of water at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should not overheat the water so that it is drinkable in the final cup.

The average coffee drinker can make a long-lasting black in three simple steps.

Make sure you measure correctly.

To make a good cup of long black coffee, you only need hot water and the espresso bean of your choice. This type of coffee is well-suited for the Arabica coffee bean, which is widely used in many blends, and it produces an aromatic and flavorful brew.

Recipe: 1/4 to 3/4 of an espresso is the most common ratio. We recommend using approximately 100 to 120 ml water for one espresso shot.

Get ready for the cup.

You can fill your espresso machine’s cup with hot water by using the spout. To heat water to approximately 195°F or 91°C, if you make your coffee with an espresso machine, you will need to use either an electric kettle or a traditional stove.

Espresso is the best!

This step is most effortless for those who use espresso machines. Let your espresso machine do its thing, and then pour the espresso over your hot water. If you use coffee beans, grind them, and prepare the shot as usual before adding it to the hot water.

Best recommendations for making the best long black coffee

We’ve already covered the basics of making long black coffee, and here we have some tips and tricks to help you make your next cup.

Some High-Quality Ingredients.

We should not make a long black with cheap espresso, and it will dilute the taste and result in a poor crema. Long blacks are meant to be enjoyed by the consumer, so the quality of the product must be top-notch. It is a great way to get started with espresso and learn how to identify different flavors. The final cup will also be affected by water.

  • You can choose your beans- A medium/dark roast is a good choice and will give you the expected flavor, or You can use a Robusta/Arabica blend with a 70/30% ratio of Robusta to Arabica.
  • Use 94 degrees water instead of boiling.
  • Add about 5 oz water to an 8oz cup for the coffee connoisseur or a little more for regular customers.
  • Add a traditional double espresso or double ristretto to the top. We can maintain more crema by holding the cup higher than the spout.
  • Serve immediately.

Percentage of coffee in a long black?

Your drink’s quality and caffeine level will depend on the type of coffee beans used. A 30 ml shot contains 60 to 80 mg of caffeine, and a double shot of long black will give you around 80-120 ml.

Your espresso should not be more than the volume of your water. You want black coffee to be enjoyed slowly and enjoyed. Add more water if you feel you are drinking too much coffee. You can experiment until you find the right blend for you.

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